Understanding your local budget is essential if you want to #DoTheMath on public investments, infrastructure projects, and the financial viability of your city. But municipal budgets can be incomprehensible to even the most educated of people and, frankly, dull.

This event will feature the insights of Urban3's Chief Analytics Researcher, Josh McCarty, who has reviewed countless local budgets and assessed tax productivity in dozens of cities across the country—and has plenty of experience making these things accessible and interesting to everyone, from mayors to business owners to concerned citizens.

Alongside Strong Towns President Charles Marohn, McCarty will share the crucial information to look for in your local budget, how to find it, and how to make use of it once you do.

This is a pre-recorded Local-Motive session, only available to those who have purchased the round trip ticket.

The course is worth 1 continuing education credit through the AICP.

This session is part of our 2022 Local-Motive Tour, which features 10 action-oriented, short-form classes on subjects ranging from strengthening local businesses to creating better public engagement processes. 

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