Political divisions dominate our national conversation and it can feel impossible to make progress on something happening far away in Washington. But we don’t have to let that national political discourse poison our neighborhoods, too. It is possible to find common ground around issues we all care about: fiscal solvency, better public spaces, food access, and more.

Michele Martinez has been successfully making progress on what might seem like intractable challenges around housing and transportation in her California community, and negotiating during a politically divisive time. She’s learned how to work with people who see the world differently from her, and she’ll share her insights on that process during this event.

Martinez is joined by Strong Towns program director, Rachel Quednau, a trained mediator and discussion facilitator, for an action-packed hour that will leave you ready to get together with your neighbors to address your community’s challenges—no matter what yard signs or bumper stickers they might have.

The course is worth 1 continuing education credit through the AICP.

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