You’re fired up about issues like ending parking minimums and building more bike lanes, but how do you take that passion and turn it into action? One big way is by talking to the people who have the power to make changes to local laws and policies: your mayor, your city council representative, your village president. It can be intimidating to meet with these leaders and present your proposals in a way that ensures they will listen.

This Local-Motive stop is here to help. Isaac Gonzalez, a Strong Towns member and neighborhood association president in Sacramento, has been an outspoken advocate for safe streets after a tragic car crash in his community—and his advocacy has resulted in real change. Join Gonzalez and Strong Towns Director of Membership and Development Norm Van Eeden Petersman to learn about how you can start the Strong Towns conversation with your electeds confidently and successfully.

The course is worth 1 continuing education credit through the AICP.

Portrait of Norm Van Eeden Petersman
Norm Van Eeden Petersman

Portrait of Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez

Hop aboard this 2023 Local-Motive session!

“Great tight presentations. I really appreciate the punctuality and conciseness of the presentations. My time feels valued. Thanks!!“

“This session was great! I really loved the tidbit about directly engaging politicians before the public hearing, very insightful.”

“Great session!!! So critical to have these conversations around how to work with officials and city staff- to manage the passion and find commonalities”

“Norm is my hero!”

“Excellent concise materials and commentary. Great specifics.”

This session is part of our 2023 Local-Motive Tour, which features 10 action-oriented, short-form classes on subjects ranging from strengthening local businesses to creating better public engagement processes.

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