Join Strong Towns Founder and President, Chuck Marohn, as he discusses the best way to approach a project with guest speaker Kevin Shepherd, Founder of Verdunity and Strong Towns member. This presentation is only available as part of the Round-Trip Ticket.

One of the core features of a strong town is that leaders do the math on the long-term costs and potential return of any infrastructure project before they even begin to pencil it into the budget, let alone stick a shovel in the ground and start building. But when is a new project worth it? What costs now and in the future need to be accounted for and how can leaders ensure they uncover all of these before they get to work? This presentation will show you how to answer these projects and decide, “Go or no go?” for any proposed project in your community. This is important math for local leaders and government staff, but it’s also vital for residents to keep tabs on their tax dollars and those in power. Kevin Shepherd has a wealth of experience helping communities learn to do the math on their local finances.

Photo by Jamar Penny on Unsplash