The Local-Motive Tour is a series of training sessions that provide real-world examples of tangible actions you can take right now. Each session features nationally-renowned experts from a variety of fields, plus access to printable guides and tons of resources.

A Round-Trip Ticket provides you access to all 10 online sessions. That's 10 hours of learning and 10 AICP continuing education credits, at a heavily discounted price.

Explore the sessions below. Sign up for a few, or grab the roundtrip ticket to access them all:

  1. Picking Your Next Bike Lane Battle
  2. Community Engagement that Works
  3. How to Clear the Path for Small-Scale Developers in Your Town
  4. 4 Steps Toward a More Resilient Local Food System
  5. 3 Strategies for Growing Entrepreneurs in Your City
  6. Establishing a Street Design Team
  7. 5 Simple Ways to Build a Stronger Neighborhood
  8. You're Not Alone: How to Find Kindred Spirits and Jumpstart the Strong Towns Conversation Where You Live
  9. Go or No-Go? Doing the Math on New Projects
  10. How to Talk to a NIMBY

Ready to start transforming your place? Grab your conductor's cap and join us for the Local-Motive Tour!

The Local-Motive Round Trip ticket is worth 10 continuing education credits through the AICP.

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