The Local-Motive Tour is a series of training sessions that provide real-world examples of tangible actions you can take right now to start building a fiscally resilient and prosperous community.

A Round-Trip Ticket provides you access to all eight main sessions, plus two bonus sessions only available to round-trip ticket holders.

Or, if you only need access to one or two sessions, you can purchase individual tickets by following the links below.

Picking Your Next Bike Lane Battle

Community Engagement that Works

How to Clear the Path for Small-Scale Developers in Your Town

4 Steps Toward a More Resilient Local Food System

3 Strategies for Growing Entrepreneurs in Your City

Establishing a Street Design Team

5 Simple Ways to Build a Stronger Neighborhood

You're Not Alone: How to Find Kindred Spirits and Jumpstart the Strong Towns Conversation Where You Live

Ready to start transforming your place? Grab your conductor's cap and join us for the Local-Motive Tour!