For too long, our streets have been designed by engineers with their nose in the codebooks, rather than by the people who actually use these streets on a daily basis.

The result?

40,000+ deaths in car crashes every year. Communities that have had their wealth and neighborhoods utterly depleted in pursuit of building ever wider roads. The list goes on...

In this presentation, we share a simple, yet radical approach to street design: assembling a team of key people—engineers, elected officials, health professionals, and most importantly, neighbors who travel and live on these streets. The design of safe, productive streets should be in the hands of these people and we’ll show you how.

Join Chuck Marohn, Mike Lydon, and Anthony Garcia to discuss how we can make our streets and roads work for the people and generate wealth for a community.

Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia are principles at Street Plan Collaborative and co-authors of Tactical Urbanism.

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Banner by Alireza Lashkari on Unsplash