Doing What You Can to Build a Strong Town

That's what it's all about, right? Doing what you can to build a Strong Town.

This has been the standard catchphrase that Charles Marohn uses to close out every episode of The Strong Towns podcast and it is especially suitable as a word of encouragement for you as you begin this series of lessons.

Thank you for taking this step - and please allow us to help you as you listen, learn, and apply these things where you live. We have tons of tools in the Strong Towns Action Lab waiting to help you. We host weekly Office Hours for Strong Towns members to be able to ask questions of the Strong Towns team and to receive ideas and insights that help to address local challenges.

Every lesson comes with a conversation starter question and a connection starter prompt. You get to decide what you start with these – will you get a small group together and talk about this? 

You will also find a host of recommended resources to explore at the end of each lesson. You might need to bookmark a few for later if you want to actually finish the course.

This course is so important because it arises from a central insight that is at the heart of the Strong Towns approach: every community needs strong citizens to emerge and robustly address the needs of the community.

When you mobilizing your community to become a Strong Town, amazing things will happen.

Conversation Starter: Think of a couple things that motivated you to take this course and share them in the comments section below.

Printable PDF of Conversation Starters and Connection Starters

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